VidCAD Phoenix Frequently Asked Questions

The VidCAD Team is completely focused on automation for design and documentation, not on creating another drawing engine. For this reason we have partnered with Autodesk and Bricsys to offer you compatibility with the best CAD engines on the market. Very soon VidCAD Phoenix will also be released with compatibility for Microsoft Visio.
Currently VidCAD Phoenix will run on full versions of AutoCAD 2016 or 2017, or on the latest release of BricsCAD V16 or V17. Please note that VidCAD is not able to run on licenses of AutoCAD LT. Compatibility with Microsoft Visio is in the works, but the final release of this compatibility has been delayed. More details coming soon.
VidCAD licenses are currently perpetual software licenses. We plan to offer a subscription licensing option in the near future.
VidCAD licenses allow 1 simultaneous user per seat of software purchased. Users may share licenses, but only 1 user can connect to the license at a time.
Absolutely! Your drawing program will work like it always has outside of the VidCAD interface. One thing to note, though, is that if you make any manual changes to a VidCAD drawing outside of the VidCAD interface, those changes will not be made in the VidCAD database. For example, if you change a cable number outside of the VidCAD interface, that cable number will remain the same in the database and all reports and other drawings it might be in until it is changed inside of the VidCAD Phoenix interface.
VidCAD Phoenix creates and tracks data for each piece of equipment, connector and cable in every drawing. Therefore, an existing diagram or schematic cannot simply be opened for use in VidCAD Phoenix because it would not have the data that VidCAD tools need. However, architectural drawings can be used inside of VidCAD Phoenix for placing floorplan symbols, etc.
You could, but that is not necessary in VidCAD Phoenix. Because VidCAD Phoenix runs on a database, all the data needed for reports, cable labels, etc. is all easily available through our VidCAD Reporter tools. VidCAD Reporter comes with a selection of pre-defined reports, and creating new or custom reports is possible with only a few clicks to specify the needed data. Report data can also be exported to a .xlsx or .csv file as needed.
Definitely! Many of our VidCAD users choose to run VidCAD via a network setup. Please contact the VidCAD Team to discuss your preferred network setup options.
VidCAD Phoenix is a completely separate application from previous VidCAD products, and can absolutely run side by side with an older version of VidCAD SQL.
VidCAD is a suite of tools that work together for design and documentation automation, and the most resource intensive tool in this suite is typically the drawing engine of the user's choice. Therefore, we recommend that each user consult the hardware requirements/recommendations for the drawing engine they have selected.

BricsCAD System Requirements
AutoCAD System Requirements