The flagship VidCAD product, Engineer is the ideal automation tool for any type or size of project. From concept drawings to 3D room and rack layouts, Engineer automates the entire project.


Formerly known as Lite, Integrate is a high level 2D version that is a great starting package in VidCAD or for users who do not require 3D elements.


Diagram offers the power of VidCAD’s automation tools for projects that require only concept or diagram (schematic) drawings, or for team members whose scope is limited to concept and diagram drawings.


Formerly known as Assist, Manage is the ideal solution for team members who need the ability to view and print the latest drawings, run reports and print labels, as well as enter new equipment information in the catalog or project.


Formerly known as Installer, Observe is an application for viewing VidCAD drawings, reports and cable labels. Distributed as a free application, VidCAD users may pass this along to installers, project owners, or anyone else needing view-only access to VidCAD projects.


COMING SOON! VidCAD Model is VidCAD’s automation suite for BIM. More details to follow soon.

Introducing VidCAD Phoenix

As the leader in design and documentation automation for the past 30 years, the VidCAD team saw demanding changes on the horizon and we wanted to be sure that our products would remain nimble and relevant.

VidCAD Phoenix is about efficiency and a streamlined user experience. It is built an even more powerful and flexible architecture enabling us to offer you many new features to make your work easier.

But the essence of VidCAD Phoenix is true to its roots in all the previous versions of VidCAD: automation of design and documentation processes to save valuable time and resources for designers, engineers, consultants, installers, project owners and everyone else involved in the life cycle of each project.

We often tell our inquirers that investing a little time and treasure in VidCAD will yield a higher return for your business and help grow your profit. Still, it can be comforting to stick with what you know, working around all kinds of quirks and inefficiencies. We know how scary it is to change. Our company’s philosophy of best practices and producing products with real integrity would not let us give in to our fears. We have walked our talk—V The Change.

Drawing Automation

VidCAD Phoenix uses customizable templates to create all equipment blocks, and tools built to automate creation of other drawing components. Drawings are simple to modify and customize.

NO Repetitive Typing OR Drafting!

VidCAD Phoenix automatically pulls equipment and cable information into the drawings and into reports and labels. NO MORE REPETITIVE TYPING! And thanks to the drawing automation tools, you can easily drop in amazing looking blocks and drawing elements with NO DRAFTING!

Easily Add Images to Blocks

New in VidCAD Phoenix! You can easily add CAD or raster images to any block. Images can be specified per equipment type or per piece of equipment.

No matter how many components, cables or compartments are involved in your project, VidCAD has a product to address your needs.

VidCAD remains committed to innovation and stellar customer service. We love well-ordered cables, but our end goal is happy humans.

Design Engine Choices

VidCAD Phoenix draws natively in the drawing engine of your choice and is compatible with the latest versions of AutoCAD and BricsCAD. Microsoft Visio compatibility is coming soon.

Unlimited Custom Data

Does your project require unique fields, names, etc? VidCAD Phoenix is the only design and documentation automation tool that offers an unlimited number of truly custom data fields or types. You can also specify if data is optional, required, etc., and at which stage of the project the data needs validation.

Project Changes? No Problem!

Change happens in the life cycle of a project. That’s a given. Now you can easily renumber, rename, swap out, move, redraw or perform just about any other type of change to any of your project data and drawings. On a side note…did we mention that VidCAD Phoenix now includes rubberbanding in drawings?

Team Collaboration

For those in a team environment, VidCAD Phoenix provides options for better team collaboration on the design and documentation side of things. From varying packages to user management tools, to network installs, VidCAD Phoenix meets the needs of each member of your team.

SINGLE Automation Package for Design & Documentation = $avings

With VidCAD Phoenix, you use a single set of automation tools for both the design and documentation aspects of your projects. This saves you time and ultimately saves you valuable resources!

Keep Track of Critical Project Files & Resources

With the all new VidCAD Explorer, you can now add any type of files into your VidCAD Projects by simply dragging and dropping. Now all of your project files and resources can reside in one location.

With VidCAD you receive much more than a product -- We are your support staff; we are your implementation team.


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